Banking & Creditor Rights

MWH attorneys represent banks and other parties in loan review, loan collateralization, loan workouts, debt collection, receiverships, and mediation. We can assist in the review of loan documents, including mortgages, notes, and security agreements, and we can represent clients in bankruptcy court when needed. We recognize that working out a repayment plan is often more beneficial than protracted litigation, and we work with our clients to find the best possible alternatives.

What We Do

  • Loan Documents–We assist in the preparation and review of various loan documents, including promissory notes, security agreements, mortgages, and guaranty agreements.
  • Debt Collection–We help creditors collect their debt, whether through foreclosure proceedings, garnishment, receiverships, repleven actions, or other non-judicial voluntary proceedings.
  • Bankruptcy–We represent creditors in bankruptcy proceedings involving both commercial debt liquidation or restructuring, and agricultural debt liquidation or restructuring.
  • Mediation–We represent creditors in farm mediation.
  • Civil Litigation–We represent creditors in a variety of civil litigation matters, including foreclosures and garnishment proceedings. See our section on Civil Litigation for more details.

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