Estate Planning

MWH attorneys understand that it is important to plan for the future of your family and business. Whether it is assisting a young couple with getting the proper documents in place to make sure their children are protected in the event of an untimely death or assisting a farm family with the transition of their agricultural business to the next generation, we have the tools and knowledge to make planning simple and accessible to everyone.

What We Do

  • Wills–We draft Wills for our clients. A Will tells the court how you want your property transferred upon your death.
  • Trusts–We prepare revocable trusts which allow a family to avoid probate, yet still retain full control of assets during life. We also prepare more complex trusts, including irrevocable gift trusts, life insurance trusts, and grantor installment trusts.
  • Powers of Attorney–We help clients with both business and medical powers of attorney so that they have an agent nominated to act on their behalf in the event of disability.
  • Prenuptial Agreements–We help clients prepare for marriage by providing guidance on prenuptial agreements.
  • Probate–We represent personal representatives and executors in probate, which is the process by which a court appoints a personal representative to act on behalf of your estate. We handle all probates at an hourly fee, not a percentage of your estate.
  • Trust Administration–We work with both professional trustees and individual trustees to make sure that trust provisions are followed and that all administration requirements are completed.
  • Business Entities–We can help you create business entities to facilitate the transition of your business to the next generation. See our Business section for more details.
  • Civil Litigation–We represent clients in will contests, trust contests, and claims involving fiduciaries (i.e., trustees or personal representatives).

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